Professional and public engagement

Council of Scholars (research workgroup).

Global Child EMDR Alliance (Research).

Global Initiative for Stress and Trauma Treatment: GIST-T (Research).

Paraprofessionals delivering Resilience Intervention, Skills and Education (PRISE), Global.

Trauma-informed Schools for Turkish children. University of Wuppertal/German Government.

Teach for Bangladesh (Trauma Recovery Interventions), Bangladesh.


Scottish Trauma Advisory Group, Scottish Government.

Founding professional member and consultant to M-Line (Male survivor organization), Dundee Eighteen and Under, Dundee.

Centre for Applied Research in Education (CARE), Ramallah.

Children and War Foundation.

Tempus Life Long learning Project in Palestine, University of Glasgow.

UBS Optimus Foundation Abuse Prevention Research.

Rossie Young Peoples Trust – Traumatisation and Trauma Recovery.

Making Peace through Knowledge Project, West Bank, Palestine.
Partners: Dr Alean Al Krenawi, Ben Gurion University, Dr Ghassan Abdullah, CARE, Ramallah. Funder: USAID.


Youth Violence Prevention Project, West Bank, Palestine.

Partners: Dr Unni Hultne, Centre for Crisis Intervention, Bergen, Dr Ghassan Abdullah, CARE. Funder: Norwegian Government.

One to One Children’s Fund – Trauma Recovery in Africa, Kosovo and the Middle East.

Family Support Projects, Nature Nurture, Camphill Estate, Beildside, Aberdeenshire.

Angus Women’s Aid, Montrose – Domestic Violence Research Project.

Assist Suicide Prevention Australia.

Scottish Government, Youth Justice Team, Edinburgh – Trauma Recovery across Scotland’s Secure Estate

CAIR Scotland, Dundee – Alternatives to Secure Care.

Barnardos, Edinburgh, Scotland – Child Sexual Abuse: Survivors perspective.

Children’s Commissioning and Safeguarding Solutions – Solitary Confinement.

NSPCC – Confidentiality and Abuse Prevention Programmes.

Resilience Recapture, Lanark – Trauma Recovery & Peer Mentoring.



Impact Case Study

In the context of ongoing war and conflict in Palestine children are often left devastated by the effects of trauma and anxiety. The pioneering research conducted by Dr Ian Barron, for the first time, identified and quantified the different types of traumatic events children experience under military occupation in Palestine. The project aimed to transform recovery programmes in Gaza, the West Bank and other Middle East countries.

Read more about the Impact Case Study.


Aims and Our Mission – Consultancies