Seminars and Workshops

2022 – 2023

School Counselor Education program

  • Racial Socialization as a Technique to Rebuild Lost Connections: Increasing Resilience to Trauma (Dr Gerald Fonville)
  • Youth Suicidology for School Counselors (Professor Erik Reinbergs)
  • Trauma Response Network (TRN). Update of TRN research projects

Institute for Global Health, UMass

  • Continuing Education, Reflection and Action to Transform the Care of Vulnerable Groups in Brazil (Dr Fernanda Rocha).
  • UMass Fulbright Association. Persepolis: animated biographical film and discussion (Women’s experience in Iran).

Trauma-informed Global Resilience Seminars (TiGR)

  • Racial Socialization and African American Trauma (Gerald Fonville)
  • Afghan Refugees on Navigating the US Medical System (Madison Palmer)
  • Peace Corp Recruitment session, Montague House (Bill Bridgeford, Peace Corp)

2021 – 2022

Trauma-informed Global Resilience Seminars (TiGR)

  • War in Ukraine: We are on the side of children. Serhii Lukashov, Director of SOS Children’s Villages, Ukraine. In partnership with the Institute for Global Health, UMass.
  • Medical procedures: The development of PTSD in Young Children (Dr Daniela Lempertz, Global Child EMDR Alliance). In partnership with Education Preparation, the Institute for Global Health and the Institute for Social Science Research, UMass
  • How Young Can A Child Develop PTSD? (Dr Miri Keren, Past President World Association of Infant Mental Health). CIE in partnership with Education Preparation, UMass.
  • International Education Week – International Students Wellbeing and COVID-19 (Professor Ian Barron). International Programs Office.

Trauma Adversity & Violent Extremism workshop program (St Andrews University) – participant

  • Multi-Dimensional Approaches
  • Radicalization & Trauma
  • Trauma-informed interventions

2020 – 2021 CIE Seminars

Cultural Humility. O’sheho Toweh. In Collaboration with African Graduates & Scholars Association (AGASA).

International Education Week. Self-Care in Times of COVID: An International Education Perspective (Professor Ian Barron & the International Programs Office UMass).

Mental Health in Times of COVID-19: A Latin American Perspective. In partnership with the Institute of Global Health, UMass. (Mr Hugo Farias, Regional HIV Advisor, World Food Program).

Trauma Informed Care in Education. Professor Ian Barron. In collaboration with the Partnership


2019 – 2020 Trauma Response Network national training

Therapy for COVID-19 First responders

  • Training in Microsoft Teams for EMDR Therapists (400 therapists), UK and Ireland.

Professor Ian Barron, Dr Susan Darker-Smith & Sean Gardner.

  • Training in online EMDR and evaluative research 6 x 2 hour sessions (400 therapists), UK and Ireland. Professor Ian Barron, Dr Susan Darker-Smith & Sean Gardner.
  • TRN Online EMDR ‘Question and Answer’ 4 x 1 hour sessions.


2019-2020 CIE Seminar Series

  • “DawnLand” Dr Mishy Lesser. Upstander Academy. Student Development, UMass.
  • “Changing Minds: Changing Lives.” Dr Guinevere Chandler and Dr Jim Helling. Center for International Education and Student Development, College of Education, Student Development, UMass Amherst.
  • “African Immigrant Families in the United States: Transnational Lives and Schooling” Dr Serah Shani, anthropologist and member of the Masai people in Kenya. College of Education, supported by the Center for International Education, UMass, Amherst.
  • Pre-service teachers, “Trauma-informed Care in the Classroom” Dr Ian Barron, CIE, UMass, Amherst.


2019-2020 Documentary movie nights

  • Documentary ‘Lost and Found’ Early Screening and Panel. International Education Week. International Education week (November). Center for International Education, University of Massachusetts. Supported by National Geographic.
  • Documentary ‘Midnight Traveler’, Center for International Education, University of Massachusetts.


2019 – 2020 Tay Gavin Erickson Lecture Series

  • Get Better Faster: Intensive Trauma-focused Psychotherapy. Dr Ricky Greenwald, Child Trauma Institute. Center for Research on Families in partnership with the Center for International Education.


2019-2020 CIE Student Community Dialogue Series

  • “Associate Degrees – Where is the International Focus?” Lauren Clarke, President, CEO American College (Sampoerna University); Shane Hammond, Graduate Program Director (UMass) & Matthew Glennon, Isenberg School of Business.
  • “Rewards and Challenges in International Education” Mark Protti (Director, International Training Development) & Rob Fuderich (UNICEF).
  • “Connecting the World – World Librarian’s Project Connecting Offline Malawi Institutions” Professor Charlie Schweik,
  • Environmental Conservation, & School of Public Policy (UMass)
  • “Building Bridges Across Difference – Immigrants Voices” Jacob Carter, Project Director Non-Profit Governance & Consulting (UMass).

2019 – 2020 CIE World Leaders Trauma Training Series (Fall)

  • “Paraprofessionals delivering Resilience Skills and Education (PRISE)” Dr. Amanda Roberts.
    “Self-Care for the Helping professional: How to take care of those who take care of others.“ Jason Rose-Langston.
  • Slaying the Dragon: The Fairy Tale Model of Trauma-Informed Treatment for mental health professionals.” Dr. Ricky Greenwald.
  • Scaffolding Resonance in Multicultural Settings: Opportunity Costs and Opportunity Structures. Jim Helling.

2018 – 2019 CIE Seminar Series

  • Sam Brakash, Yale University “Examining the Conflux of Education, Health, and Art as a Means of Social Change and Community Dialogue” Montague House, UMass, Amhers.
  • Mathangi Subramanian (award winning educator) “A people’s History of Heaven – an ethnographic writing workshop” Furcolo, UMass, Amherst.
  • Ian Barron, Director “Redefining CIE”.
  • Ash Hartwell and Kayla Boisart “Education in Crisis and Conflict Network” Montague House, UMass.
  • Jason Rose-Langston “Vicarious trauma for school counselors” Furcolo, UMass, Amherst.
  • CIE International Research Panel (Krezmein (ORE), Gravinb-Wilbur (CIE), Jenkins (CRF), Pearlman (ISSR), Hutton (Library), Trevedi (IPO), Furcolo, Umass, Amherst.
  • Discussing Race & Racism in international Contexts (cancelled).
  • Ian Barron “Trauma Informed Care in the Classroom” Furcolo, UMass, Amherst.

2018-2019 CIE Sponsored Events

Serah Shani, author of “African Immigrant Families in the United States: Transnational Lives and Schooling” (Lexington books, 2018), in partnership with the Center for Latin American, Caribean and Latino Studies (CLACLS).

Jetegemee’s Children Program, Furcolo, College of Education, UMass (November, 2018).

2018 -2019 Pre-service teachers, “Trauma-informed Care in the Classroom” Dr Ian Barron, UMass.

2018 – Global Challenges Research Fund Knowledge Exchange Day: Refugees – Global Challenges: Local Solutions.


2018 -2019 Pre-service teachers

“Trauma-informed Care in the Classroom” Dr Ian Barron, UMass.

2018 – Global Challenges Research Fund Knowledge Exchange Day

Refugees – Global Challenges: Local Solutions.


2017-2018 Psycho-trauma, Advocacy and Resiliency Disruptive Research Seminar Series, University of Dundee:

  • Sarah Nelson, “Mental health services and young people: Implication of the trauma paradigm.”
  • Aref Alsehaimi, “The nature and extent of physical abuse in Saudi Arabia homes and schools.”
  • Gil Martin “The importance of substance use, rather than misuse, in understanding the mechanisms of survival.”
  • Richard Ingram and Dr. Ian Barron “Help social workers and other professionals recognize the interrelationship with emotional engagement and risks of vicarious trauma.”
  • Ian Barron, “Empirical research challenging the impossibility of brief exposure for youth in secure care.”
  • Ann Hodson “Complex understanding of pre-birth assessment in high risk situations and the necessary knowledge and skill needs of staff.”
  • Joseph Lumbasi , Dr. Ian Barron and Dr. Vic Jupp-Kina “The value of self-definition and self-help for survivors of ritual abuse.”
  • Laurie Matthew, Dr. Barron & Dr. Hodson “Redefining confidentiality in child protection by listening to young people.”

2017-2018 Seminar to the Educational Institute of Scotland, Perth. Dr Ian Barron “Trauma Informed Schools.”

2017-2018 Seminar to the Educational Institute of Scotland, Glasgow. Dr Ian Barron, “Trauma Informed Schools.”

2017-2018 Trauma Informed Safeguarding – six 1 day trainings for ‘Children First.’



TCELT Research Methods Seminars Series; Refugees and Resiliency – 4 seminars (Dundee and Perth stakeholders); Domestic violence and child depression – inter-professional and voluntary agency audience.


2015 – 2016

Dundee Nablus Twinning Association – ‘Lunch for Nablus’, Dundee West Church (April 2014). Short presentation by Dr Ian Barron on the impact of child traumatization in occupied Palestine. Proceeds supported a two day training by Dr Barron (via Skype) and Dr Ghassan Abdallah for school counselors in Nablus in the Children and War Foundation’s Children and Grief programme.

Flyer: Lunch for Nablus (pdf) 

Refugees – Trauma & Resilience Presentation to the Chief Social Work Officers, Scotland, at the University of Dundee, March 2016.

Towards 4* and Impact. Dr Ian Barron, University of Dundee, School of Education and Social Work. Dr Barron’s shares his experience of developing a 4* impact case study.

Presentation: Towards 4 and Impact (powerpoint) 


Nablus Film session
WORDS: WALLS. Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee.


Complicated Grief and Recovery for Children in occupied Palestine.” Dr Ian Barron. Following a brief presentation Dundee Nablus Twinning Association invite crowd funding to support training for school counsllors in Nablus.

Seminar to Scottish Government Secure Accommodation Heads of Service. Scottish Government, Edinburgh.

Evaluation T across Secure Estate (powerpoint presentation) 
The slideshow provides the final update for the Scottish Government on the secure estates capacity to deliver brief exposure therapies.


2014 – 15

Rossie Young People’s Trust 3 day training. Dr Ian Barron “Trauma-sensitive Milieu.”  Ongoing training for all staff at Rossie Young People’s Trust.

Presentation: Rossie YPT- Trauma Informed lens (powerpoint) 


Seminar to Scottish Government Secure Accommodation Heads of Service, Scottish Government, Edinburgh. Dr Ian Barron and Dr Ricky Greenwald “Annual Review: Trauma Recovery across Scotland’s Secure Estate. ”Briefing on project development.


2013 – 14

Seminar to Scottish Government Secure Accommodation Heads of Service. Scottish Government, Glasgow. Dr Ian Barron and Dr Ricky Greenwald “A Phase Model to Trauma Recovery across Scotland’s Secure Estate: Review of Progress.” Briefing on project development.


2012 – 13

Seminar to Scottish Government Secure Accommodation Strategy Group. Scottish Government, Edinburgh. Dr Ian Barron and Dr Ricky Greenwald “A Phase Model to Trauma Recovery across Scotland’s Secure Estate.” Introductory session on delivering a pioneering brief exposure therapy within Scotland’s Secure Estate.


EMDR training workshops organised by EMDR Central Scotland Section,
University of Strathclyde

Mike O’Connor “Children and Adolescents Affected by Trauma.” – a review of current EMDR research.

Dr Ian Barron “Incorporating Evaluation Methods into EMDR Practice.” An invitation and guidance to EMDR therapists to engage in evaluative practice.

Presentation: Evaluating EDMR Practice 2 (powerpoint)

EMDR one day conferences through EMDR UK & Ireland (Child and Adolescent Section). Dr Sandi Richman “Developmental Trauma in Children”, University of Strathclyde. Sandi, a world leading expert in EMDR, explores how EMDR can impact on children with developmental trauma.

Rossie Secure Accommodation. Dr Ian Barron – four single day training events “Trauma-sensitive environments within Secure Accommodation”. Training delivered to all staff at Rossie Young People’s Trust to create a trauma-sensitive milieu to support the delivery of trauma-specific approaches by the programmes team to adolescents in secure.

Presentation: Rossie YPT- Trauma Informed lens (powerpoint)



EMDR training workshops through EMDR Central Scotland Section, University of Strathclyde. These workshops, led by the pioneers in the field, aimed to develop EMDR child practitioners’ knowledge and skills.


Helen Myers and David Murray, “Working with Children and Adolescents: EMDR and Grief”, University of Strathclyde.

James McTaggart, “EMDR with Children and Adolescents – Resource Installation: Best Foot Forward and others resources”, University of Strathclyde.

School Research Seminar Series, University of Dundee. Dr Ian Barron and Dr Ghassan Abdallah. Qualitative evaluative research of children’s experience of the Healing Trauma Combatting Hatred programme in Gaza. The presentation began with a showing of clips from the Tears of Gaza film which highlighted the contrast between a distant technological war watched on TV in the West, compared to the familial perspective of war from mobile phone cameras, including a missile attack on a school.



Trauma seminar series 2: Trauma, Abuse and Resilience, University of Dundee

The second series of trauma seminars where the best in the field shared their knowledge and skills to encourage a trauma informed lens to children’s and adults presenting difficulties.

1. Dr Sandi Richman, Head of EMDR Trauma Service, Maudsley Hospital. London
“Complex trauma”
Presentation: Sandi Richman Complex Trauma (powerpoint)

2. Dr Derek Farrell, Co-chair EMDR Europe Research, University of Birmingham. “Ritual Abuse”.

3. Dr Alastair Hull, National Trauma Centre (Scotland)
“Overview of Traumatic Events and Responses”
Presentation: Journey from Harm’s Way to Safe Uncertainty (powerpoint)

4. Dr Ian Barron, University of Dundee
“Trauma Recovery – Children in the occupied Palestinian territory”
Presentation: RRCT of a CBT Trauma Recovery Programme AM pack (powerpoint)
Presentation: Evaluation of the Healing trauma combating Hatred Programme pack

Data Linkage and Longitudinal Research Seminar Series (3 days). Scottish Child Care and Protection Network and the Scottish Universities Insight Institute, University of Strathclyde. The aim of these sessions was to grow both national and global networks in exploring data linkage.

School Research Seminar Series (Research Excellence Framework), University of Dundee. Dr Ian Barron & Dr Ghassan Abdallah “Randomised control trial of a CBT trauma recovery programme in Palestinian schools.” Part of a staff research seminar series where the main focus was on the exploring the application of different research methodologies.



Violence is Preventable – what really works” (day conference)
Partners: University of Stirling, University of Edinburgh, Eighteen and Under (survivors of abuse charity), Edinburgh Rape Crisis and Strathclyde Police Violence Reduction Unit. A survivor organised conference based on a unique survivor perspectives and insights of child care and protection.

Joint Investigative Interviewing Clinic, University of Dundee. Helen Myers, EMDR Consultant and Dr Ian Barron (UoD) “Trauma and Vicarious trauma.” This presentation is part of training for social workers and police in approaching the child protection and criminal investigations from a trauma lens and what this means for practice.

Trauma Seminar Series 1: Trauma Attachment and Resilience,University of Dundee
Dr Stuart Turner (former President International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies)
“Trauma and Human Rights.”

Presentation: Human Rights Framework (powerpoint) 

Dr Guinevere Tuffnell (Great Ormond Street Trauma Clinic)
Parents of Traumatised Children.”

Working with traumatised parents of traumatised children (powerpoint)
Domains of Impairment Complex Trauma (word document)
Getting a good night’s sleep (word document)
Seminar 4 Materials References (word document)

Mike O’Connor (EMDR Child Consultant, Notre Dame Centre, Glasgow)
Trauma and Loss.”
Presentation: Impact of loss and trauma (powerpoint)

Helen Myers (EMDR Europe Consultant) and Dr Terry Myers (Emeritus Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh) “Neurobiology of Trauma.” Sadly, Helen is no longer with us. A great miss as the leading pioneer of the development of EMDR in Scotland, my mentor and dear friend. Without Helen, this work would never have begun.

Helen Myers Traumatic Memory (powerpoint)
Dr Terry Myers The Mindful Brain (powerpoint)


Funding our projects

If you are interested in funding any of our projects please contact Professor Ian Barron at the University of Massachusetts.


Seminars and Workshops