Research Projects (by country)

Research Projects

Our applied research begins with impact in mind and our methodologies seek to be liberating and emancipatory. At the heart of our work is the voice and decision-making of indigenous communities



Efficacy of C-GTEP with Ukrainian refugees



Disabilities, IT and Women Leadership



School-based Abuse Prevention



Indigenous American healing and cultural safety

Efficacy of Ba Mid Bar Trauma Training

Trauma Informed High Schools

Historic trauma for African American’s and Palestinians



Trauma Informed Education (TIE)




Efficacy of the EMDR Sand Tray protocol


Trauma-sensitive approach to mental health in Higher Education

Trauma-informed training and curriculum in peri-rural and rural communities for women and families

Violence in Afghanistan Schools

The trauma of children living with landmines

US radicalization through health Literacy materials



Review of school-based abuse prevention programs.



Model for trauma and stress reduction in asylum caseworkers


Occupied Palestine

2022-2023 Development of a Theater of the Oppressed training program and evaluation of delivery.

2022-23 Efficacy of the Children & Grief Manual in occupied Palestine

2020-2021 Ten year follow-up of the efficacy of the Teaching Recovery Techniques program.

2018-2023 PhD Humanitarian scholarships, University of Dundee and An Najah University, Nablus.

2018-2019 Longitudinal evaluation of 5 years of trauma recovery in the West Bank – Dundee Nablus Twinning Association, Center for Applied Research in Education, & the University of Dundee.

2017-2019 5 Higher Education Scholarships for Palestinians – University of Dundee; British Council & An Najah International University.

2016-17 Trauma, Journalism and Human Rights violations – development and evaluation of a trainer of trainers model for journalists in occupied Palestine. In partnership with CARE, Ramallah & University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

2016-2017 Dr Ian Barron, Dr Ghassan Abdallah and Laurie Mathew (18U: Eighteen and Under) are in the process of translating a range of sexual abuse prevention and recovery materials for Palestinian children and adolescents sexually abused by Israeli military personnel. All materials have been provided free of charge by Eighteen and Under, a survivors organization of child sexual abuse in Dundee.

2015-2016 Phase 4 Children and Grief Manual: Adolescents with complicated grief in Nablus. Dr Ian Barron, University of Dundee & Dr Ghassan Abdallah, CARE. Funder: Dundee Nablus Twinning Association. Following the success of Phase 3 the Ministry of education has sought further training and programme evaluation in the Children and Grief Manual. This phase is funded by the Dundee Nablus Twinning Association.

2015-2016 Trauma Recovery &Advocacy in Occupied Palestine. Dr Ian Barron, University of Dundee; Dr Ghassan Abdallah, CARE; & Professor Fred Bemak, University of Massachusetts. The project aims to go beyond trauma recovery to enabling children to have a voice both within their communities as well as in peaceful dialogue between Palestinian’s and Israelis.

2013-16 Phase 3 Field Trial of Children and Grief Manual in Occupied Palestine. Dr Ian Barron & Dr Ghassan Abdallah, Centre for Applied Research, Ramallah
Funder: Children and War Foundation. This project aims to identify the extent and nature of complicated grief for children in occupied Palestine and evaluate the impact of the Children and War’s Children and Grief programme.

2015-2016 Social and political context of summer camps in occupied Palestine.
Amira Oudeh and Dr Ian Barron, University of Dundee. This is a follow up commentary on a previous study that raised questions about the impact of summer camps in reducing child traumatisation.

Cross-cultural Interprofessional Ethical Practice. Dr Sarah Sholl, University of Napier; Dr Ian Barron, University of Dundee; & Dr Stephen Robertson, University of Napier.



Trauma-specific interventions in crisis and conflict affected settings.


Saudi Arabia

Exploring the nature and extent of physical abuse by parents and teachers.



A research scholarship from the Center for Research on Families, UMass is enabling a study looking at intensive EMDR therapy for youth in juvenile detention.

Efficacy of trauma-informed interventions in High Schools. Carol Cohen  (UMass Amherst).

Sexual Harassment in STEM in Higher Education Institutions. Dr Zebun Khan, Aligarh University, India 


Brazilian favelas

In partnership with Fight for Peace, Brazilian mentors have been trained in ‘Teaching Recovery Techniques’ a CBT trauma-informed psycho-social program developed by the Children and War Foundation, Bergen. Results from the randomized control trial evidence significant reduction in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Across Europe

2015-2020 Developing Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) Evaluative Practice. Dr Ian Barron, Child & Adolescent Section of EMDR UK & Ireland in partnership with EMDR Europe, the Pierre Janet Research Centre, Universite de Loraine, Metz, and international trainer and researcher Joanne Morris Smith are encouraging EMDR child practitioners to embed evaluation into their daily EMDR practice and grow evaluative research of EMDR with children.

2016- Partnership agreement between University of Lorraine, Metz and University of Dundee to develop research, teaching, development of doctorate programmes and continuing professional development for psychotherapy competencies (details to follow).



Qualitative study of religious practices as a coping mechanism as used by Syrian migrants in Malta, and its relevance to their early integration. Eliza Fenech, University of Malta.

An analysis of Countertransference of the caseworkers in Moira refugee camp. Emilia Munteanu, University of Malta

2016 Complicated grief in refugees. International Association of Counselling (IAC) Annual Conference, Dr Ian Barron, University of Malta.

2015-2016 Journalism & Trauma. Dr Ian Barron, University of Dundee & Carmen Sammut, University of Malta. This project aims to raise the profile of traumatization for journals and identify trauma-informed for prevention and recovery of PTSD.


Survivors of abuse unknown to children’s services: Children’s perspectives on confidentiality. Dr Lawrie Matthew, 18U.

Ritual Abuse survivors experience of participatory research Dr Lawrie Matthew, 18U.

2016 Children and Self-harm Prevention Project. Lawrie Matthew, Eighteen and Under, Dr Ian Barron, University of Dundee, Duncan of Jordanston Art School and Professor John Baldacchino. This survivor led photography project seeks to enable a shift in the public perception of children and adolescents who self-harm. An Art paradigm is used to make sense of the nature of change.

2015-16 Trauma, Peer Mentoring & Digital Health. Dr Ian Barron, University of Dundee & Paul Dixon, Resilience Recapture. Funder: Digital Health Institute. A survivor led project that seeks to intoduce an App that introduces digital monitoring of progress and facilitates a process to responsive peer mentoring.

2015-16 Inter-professional planning tool for refugees coming into Scotland, Dr Ian Barron, University of Dundee & the One World Centre, Dundee have developed a framework to enable professionals and agencies to work together to plan and deliver trauma-sensitive services for refugees including unaccompanied minors.

England and Wales

Evaluation of online EMDR for COVID-19 frontline medical workers.


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