Higher Education Development

Higher Education Development

Higher Education Institutions in Afghanistan

2021-2025 Trauma-informed mental health curriculum

2021-2025 Community Health Worker and Midwifery training – accelerated learning health literacy curriculum.


International Society for Traumatic Stress studies

2020-21 ISTSS Higher Education Workgroup


University of Massachusetts, USA

2020 School Counseling Skills and Strategies

2020 School Adjustment Counseling and Mental Health Syllabus

2020 School Adjustment Counselor Practicum syllabus developed

2020 Trauma informed Education – 70 preservice teachers and language therapists

2019-20 Education, Migration and Conflict. A trauma-informed lens

2019-20 Trauma-informed classrooms, MSc Special Education

2018 – present Trauma-informed school counseling, MSc in School Counseling

2018 – present Pre-service teachers – trauma-informed classrooms

2018 – present Trauma-informed school counseling


An Najah International University, Palestine

2018-2023 Eighteen PhD 50% fee waivers for An Najah International University. Funders: University of Dundee (School of Social Sciences, School of Education and Social Work & the School of Medicine, An Najah International University.

2017-2019 Higher Education Scholarships for Palestinian’s. Ten Taught Masters across disciplines – fees waivers and living expenses). Funder: University of Dundee (fee waivers) and British Council (living expenses).


Pierre Janet Research Centre, Universite de Loraine, Metz

With a focus on psychotherapy competencies, ICCTPR, University of Dundee and the Pierre Janet Centre are exploring collaborating to develop diploma, degree and postgraduate modules for practitoners continuing professional development. Guidelines for a new professional doctorate are also being explored.


Nature Nurture Modules

ICCTPR, in partnership with the University of Dundee and Nature Nurture are currently developing two modules in trauma recovery and resilience. The focus is on nurturing attachment and healing through outdoor learning in natural settings. These modules will be free standing to students at the University of Dundee as well as being embedded within the MEd within the School of Education and Social Work.


Trauma Recovery into the University of Malta learning and teaching

Trauma recovery presentations for both undergraduate and postgraduate students have been delivered within the MA in Humanitarian Assistance, the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciencest; and the Department of Family and Community Development at the University of Malta.


Qualifying courses at the University of Dundee

Presentations in traumatisation and trauma recovery have now been embedded into a range of qualifying courses. These include the BA & MSc in Social Work and the MSc in Educational Psychology.


MSc in Health Studies (Global Health and Wellbeing)

A module is being develop on the traumatization of refugees including unaccompanied minors to embed within the Masters course in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences.


Higher Education Scholarships for Palestinians (HESPAL)

Sir Vincent Fean, Retired diplomat (Consul-General, Jerusalem, 2010-14), Mike Whitehead (DNTA), Professor David Ogden (Dentistry and Dr Ian Barron (ESW), are seeking to encourage the University of Dundee and Abertay University, Dundee, to join HESPAL. A specific focus is on An Najah University because of the Dundee Nablus Twinning Association.


Seminars and Workshops

Listing of all recent and past seminars and workshops including: CIE seminars, training, documentary movie nights, lectures, and events.

Seminars and Workshops


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