BBC Manchester TV – Mobilizing to support key workers suffering from COVID-19, Trauma Response Network (Interviews, April & May)

Sky News TV – Mobilizing to support key workers suffering from COVID-19, Trauma Response Network (Interview, April)



Hampshire Gazette – The Circle of Care That Could Have Been (June). Press release -Youth support project delivers 85% positive outcomes Includem, University of Dundee.



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– Trauma Response Network Launch (May 2018)

Radio Tay. Refugees – Global Challenges: Local Solutions (May 2018)





Sunday Herald
Dr Barron, involved in the inception of the idea of the development of an App, talks about the digital health App ‘Nurture’ that uses self monitoring and peer mentoring. The importance of evaluation of mental health Apps is highlighted.


The National
Dr Barron interviewed about the Children and War Foundation’s ‘Children & Grief’ programme, that is now globally available following Dr Barron’s evaluative research of the children experiencing the programme in Nablus schools.


Dundee Courier
– “Fund Raiser for Nablus” Dundee Nablus and Dr Barron present the plight and suffering of Palestinian children as well as the programmes for recovery being delivered, at Dundee West Church.


Evening Telegraph
Piece highlighting DNTA and the University of Dundee’s ‘Lunch for Nablus’ supporting the training of school counselors in the Children & Grief programme.

Dr Ian Barron with Jenny Marra, MSP.


February 2016

Aref Alsehaimi, talks to Saudi Arabian TV about his PhD on the nature and extent of physical abuse of children in Saudi Arabia. Dr Ian Barron and Dr Ann Hudson, at the University of Dundee are his supervisors.

Dundee Courier
Dundee psychologist helps Nablus children



Extent and impact of war and domestic trauma on children. Dr Barron talks about the nature of child traumatisation and developmental trauma for children in occupied Palestine.



Channel 5 Sky TV Children and War Manual impact in occupied Palestine. Emeritus Professor Bill Yule talks about the evaluation of the Teaching Recovery Techniques Manual for traumatised children in occupied Palestine.

National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. A Trauma therapy Program for Children in Conflict Zones. Some of the main findings of the training and evaluative research in occupied Palestine reported by NICABM.

Rossie Young People’s Trust webpage news release.



Evaluation of school-based abuse prevention programme seminar event and press release
Article in Guardian society on VIP.

Community Care magazine, Violence is Preventable article.

Children and War Recovery Manual Training in Nablus press release.

Healing trauma and combating hatred training in Gaza press release.

BBC Radio ‘Good Morning Scotland’ (from Nablus).


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