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Alseheimi, A. & Barron, I.G. (2021). Social Work response to older people social isolation following COVID-19.

Greenaway, L., Jindalsnape, D., Barron, I.G., McCulloch, P. & Rashid, M. (2021). Impact on the Transition Support Service on young people’s transitions: Perspectives of young people and significant others.

Rashid, F. & Barron, I. (2021). A Critique of the Organizational Laws and Management Policies of the Catholic Church to Address Clerical Child Sexual Abuse in the 20th Century.

Rashid, F. & Barron, I.G. (2021). A Critical Analysis of the Organizational Response by the Roman Catholic Church to Clerical Child Sexual Abuse in the 21st Century.

Sholl, S. & Barron, I.G. (2021). Cross-cultural interprofessional framework: A comparison of trauma and surgical teams in occupied Palestine.


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